What is a lease extension?!
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A lease is a legal contract that extends the duration of a rental agreement. A contract extension could be implemented between a landlord and a tenant. When the tenant's lease is about to perish, and he or she wants to invest in manchester.

There are the rules for the lease to follow:

· The contract extension document should name the parties to the contract, deliver the dates on which the extension activates and ends, reference the previous contract that is being extended and if you are buying off plan.

· Lease payments do not have to continue the same under a lease extensions.

You can request the landlord to extend your contract at any time you want it to be, but You might be able to prolong your lease on the following options:

· If you be suitable then 90 years on a flat.

· If you qualify then 50 years in the house.

· The Leasehold Advisory Service’s (LAS), lease delay calculator, gives you a monitor to the budgets of extending the lease of a flat.

It is all about a legal procedure which is called collective empowerment. It is a judicial process which provides you with authority to build a club with other renters and to buy the freehold for a reasonable market worth.

Legislation has made it informal for purchase freehold to take the control and buy their freehold quickly.

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